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"Französische Flusslandschaft" - Emile Lambinet

Ölgemälde  "Französische Flusslandfschaft"  - Emile Lambinet -  in weissgekalktem Holzrahmen -  € 4980.-
Kunst- u. Rahmenhandlung Dietrich Maçoun  Tel. 040 - 4227422

"Französische Flusslandschaft" - Emile Lambinet  in weissgekalktem Holzrahmen

Bildformat                  37.5 x 22.6 cm


Ölgemälde auf Holzplatte, sign. Emile Lambinet, gerahmt in weissgekalkten Holzrahmen.

Ausführung Rahmenaußenformat ca. 46.6 x 34.0 cm , Leistenbreite 55 mm, Leistenhöhe 50 mm                
Preis      € 4980.- inkl. 7 % MWSt

Émile Lambinet

Émile Lambinet (1813, Versailles - 1877, Bougival ) war ein Maler von französischen ländlichen Szenen.  Er war Schüler von Horace Vernet und Corot u. verbrachte den Großteil seines Lebens in Yvelines. Zuvor lebte er in seiner Geburtsstadt Versailles, ab 1860 in Bougival.

Werke im Musée Lambinet

Sein Cousin, Victor Lambinet, vermachte das Hotel Lambinet der Stadt Versailles - es ist jetzt das Musee Lambinet . Zu den Gemälden von Émile Lambinet gehören:

  • Banks of the Seine near Bougival . Ufer der Seine bei Bougival.
  • Fishers beside a pond , 1860. Fischer neben einem Teich, 1860.
  • The Château des Roches at Bièvres , 1874 Die Château des Roches bei Bièvres, 1874
  • Île-de-France landscape with two foreground figures , 1872. Île-de-France Landschaft mit zwei Figuren im Vordergrund, 1872.
  • Bouquet of flowers , 18(??). Blumenstrauß, 18 (?).
  • Landscape with boatmen , 1864. Landschaft mit Schiffer, 1864.
  • Banks of a river, summer . Ufer eines Flusses, Sommer.
  • Road , 18(50). Straße, 18 (50).
  • Bank of a river . Ufer eines Flusses.
  • View from the Pavillon du Butard near Versailles . Blick vom Pavillon du Butard der Nähe von Versailles.


  • (French) Peintures du musée Lambinet à Versailles , ed. (Französisch) Peintures du musée Lambinet à Versailles, hrsg. Somogy et Musée Lambinet, 2005, sl (Italy), ISBN 2-85056-938-0 . Somogy et Musée Lambinet, 2005, SL (Italien), ISBN 2-85056-938-0 .

He studied under the history painters, Michael Martin Drolling and Emile Jean Horace Vernet. Vernet was of course well known for his paintings celebrating French military prowess, including a series of large battle pieces for Versailles. Lambinet also studied under the well-known painters of the Barbizon school, Charles Daubigny and Jean Baptiste Camille Corot.

Lambinet lived most of his life in the area west of Paris near Versailles. He made regular painting trips to Ecouen, a town north of Paris. He was not the only artist to be enticed by this area. Ecouen was to become an important artist’s colony that would come to include a number of American painters such as Mary Cassatt and Henry Bacon.

Lambinet was certainly a successful painter of the nineteenth century. His work was held in high regard by art critics and collectors. It is said that what made his work special was his light and airy brushstrokes which suggest a natural setting as well as his talent for depicting atmospheric conditions such as the wind.

He exhibited in the Salon regularly between 1833 and 1878. In 1867, he was made a Knight of the Legion of Honor.

In the 1850s and 1860s, collectors in Boston were particularly interested in his work and this helped pave the way for their interest in the Barbizon school. Joseph Foxcroft Cole, an American artist, saw a number of paintings by Lambinet in Boston collections and admired them enormously. In 1860, he made his first visit to France to study under Lambinet. Cole was to bring back to America from his time in France an opalescent variation of the Barbizon style. Cole frequently depicted the rural landscapes of Normandy and Winchester in Massachusetts. A number of other American artists followed Cole’s example, and this led to Lambinet being very well known in America.

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